New Ways of “Doing” Church

You see, the emergent church has a brand new way of “doing” bride of christ

They’re going to get rid of those old hymns and replace them with 3 chord 4/4 pop songs where the lyrics sing praises to “you” – whoever “you” is, well that isn’t clear.

They’re going to put a fancy new facade on the building because people don’t attend churches that look like churches.

They might start serving starbucks or have a cervesa/enchilada night because non-churched people like trendy overpriced sugar drinks, Mexican food and beer.

There’s a good chance they’ll start showing clips of your favorite movies in church and then doing sermons around them, because human psychology/pop culture marketing/behavioural science say that people are comfortable with things they are already familiar with.

And of course the emergent church wants to do away with the old church goers that can’t “get with the program” because, we are told by people like Rick Warren, they are dissenters, and are holding the church back from real growth.

The problem with this whole outlook started way back in our first sentence in this post.  A new way of “doing” church.  A friend metnioned this to me recently.  He said he wished people wouldn’t throw out the emergent church model, because they have some great ways of “doing” church.

And that is what church has been relegated to.  Something we do.  A family friendly activity.  No different than music lessons for the kids, soccer on Wednesday’s, etc.  The church has now become a series of events.    Kids night, teens night, Bible study night, family night out, men’s breakfast, outings for mom’s or singles, Saturday play day, bowling, brunches, special entertainment nights, concerts, conferences and speakers, Saturday night movie, and it all winds up with Sunday school classes, worship and special music numbers by select bands, a special guest asking us to give, maybe an appearance by a local celebrity about how their “faith” has changed their life, and then the big sermon series by the lead pastor – part 7 of 12.

No, I don’t believe church was ever meant to be just something we “do.”  A brilliant man said something that stuck with me.  I don’t remember who it was but it was likely Paul Washer.  That is, rather than running around like Bill Hybels and those who subscribe to his church growth movement, who are surveying the community to see what kind of church THEY want, the church should be asking “what kind of bride does CHRIST want?”

Because church isn’t supposed to be something you do, the church is supposed to be the bride of Christ.

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  1. Andy says:

    I agree completely with your main point that church is something we are, not something we do. However, whilst I’m not here to promote the emergent church (which in any case is a very broad movement with blurred boundaries), I don’t particularly think your portrayal of it is at all accurate. In fact it sounds more like the seeker-friendly movement than the emergent church. Many parts of the latter completely accept your main point, and that has been a significant driving factor in their exploring new ways of being church that emphasise personal relationships.

    I used to go to a conservative evangelical church, and there were plenty of people there who viewed church as an activity – you’re a christian so you go to church, just like being a golfer makes you visit the golf course. The emergent church has tried to address this problem, not make it worse.

    Yes, I do have serious concerns about the theology in some parts of emergent christianity, but I have similar concerns about other branches of christianity.

    Incidentally, I now go to a church belonging to a traditional denomination, but we’re very much involved in exploring “new forms of church” – the idea being that we need to get away from the “a meeting you go to on Sunday” approach to church. This has helped us spread the gospel amongst some previously unreached groups in our locality, including those on the margins of society.

    I don’t thing it’s a very good way of expressing it, but the way we “do church” really affects our understanding of what it means to be the church. The traditional model of church does tend to make people see church as an activitity, and in recent years many people have been exploring alternatives to it. This reminds me of what Jesus said about new wine needing new wineskins…

  2. SERMON JAM says:



  3. Dear Life in The Church,

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