YouTube Terminates Todd Friel and TheWretchedNetwork

“It’s only when it is the light that they fight against it.”

Those may become famous words from Todd Friel, whose YouTube channel was recently shut down by complaints filed against the video hosting website that is owned by Google.  Todd spoke those words in a critique about the television show “The View” which went to the ends of the earth to defend Muslims when Juan Williams was fired for making a comment that at times after 9/11 he was “nervous” to see them on an airplane.  Todd’s comments always stuck with me, particularly the “darkness defends and partners with darkness” statement which I use frequently.

On Jan 11, 2011, (01/11/11) I went to Todd’s TheWretchedNetwork channel on YouTube to be shown this message instead of his 500+ original uploads:

YouTube account TheWretchedNetwork has been terminated because we received multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement from claimants including:

  • Media Wave Video Productions

Now, I don’t know if Todd infringed upon anyone’s copyright claim to their original work at all because I’m not a lawyer, but in the videos I’ve seen of him – which would be all of them, he has used clips in what I would estimate the fair use policy allows for, in that most of the clips were used as part of a critique or commentary, in the same way countless other YouTube clips are presented.

Now I don’t know what other claimants YouTube claims filed “multiple third-party notifications of copyright infringement” but they do list Media Wave. You can make your own decisions about them and their clients if you like, but I don’t have all the facts on this case at this time. I also don’t understand why, if multiple notifications were received, there was no attempt by YouTube to deal with the claimants one by one as they arise instead of accumulating them and terminating the account.  Who knows, only time and some information will tell what really happened here.  But I do understand one thing very clearly, thanks to Todd’s past work.

That it is only when it is the Light that they fight against it, because darkness partners with and defends darkness.

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5 Responses to YouTube Terminates Todd Friel and TheWretchedNetwork

  1. Jinx McHue says:

    It seems like a lot of Christian YouTube channels get pulled due to false-flagging. I have little doubt this situation is any different. I mean, the videos Wretched shows on YouTube are the same videos they show on their TV show. Why would someone go after the YouTube channel via complaints to YouTube, but not the TV show via a lawsuit? That’s what makes me think this isn’t the result of a legitimate complaint and someone with a vendetta against Christians is behind it.

    BTW, if you don’t know yet, they are back on YouTube here:

  2. Andy says:

    This is not just a christian thing – many other videos have been blocked for the same reason. I’m not sure it should be seen as persecution.

    YouTube will pull videos or close accounts if it gets complaints of copyright violations, and the law makes it shoot first and ask questions later. Friel has probably used extracts from other people’s material, which may well be what’s called “fair use”, but he’ll have to make notice of that to YouTube.

    Do you remember the dancing baby video? Someone posted a half-minute video of their baby dancing to a song by Prince (the sound was in the background and hardly audible) – YouTube pulled it following an complaint by the record company. It’s been reinstated but the court case is still ongoing, three and a half years later!

    • Rob says:

      As I said in the post, there wasn’t enough information to make an assessment at the time I wrote this. As another commenter mentioned, this is the same material that Friel uses on TV, so you would think the complainant would have sought legal action to remove the offensive programs from being re-aired, but it would appear they just went for the easy pickings – YouTube – because YouTube will pull an account for no reason. And again, no attempt was made to deal wth only the offending clip, but to pull down all 500+ clips. I can see why others tend to go to Vimeo or UStream as backups as a way to prevent loss of material when YouTube pulls an account. This reminds me a lot of Google pulling down AdSense publishers account for seemingly no reason. Whether or not it is persecution we can’t tell without more information, but it sure does bring to mind Friel’s own words on darkness partnering with darkness.

      • Andy says:

        Yes, it’s easy picking, but no, YouTube will not pull an account for no reason. On the copyright front, they have to receive takedown notices from a copyright holder. If they get enough of these relating to one account, they will probably pull the whole account. The video poster can send a counter-notice saying that a video isn’t a copyright violation and this gives the complainer 10 days to file a lawsuit, otherwise the video gets reinstated. It’s a huge can of worms, I’m afraid.

  3. Suzanne says:

    Dear Todd,
    After our daughter ask me to listen to your message about our Pastor it was quite disheartining. Pastor Troy who was initially called to work as the parking attendant never questioned whether he was to good for that position or not. Although, God had him chosen to be our Pastor. A bereveament group was started at Flamingo now called Potential because God reminds us often in the Bible about our God Potential. Even theraphist speak about how we will never live aout our complete our Potential. Maybe God spoke to Pastor Troy to say its time for us all to realize we need to really live out our God Potential. When we discovered our church needed a beveravment group we began with the support of our church. Mere words can and will never be able to express the need and love for those who have had their only daughter murdered at the hands of her boyfriend. The Mother of an only child attending college killed in a car accident. The mother of a disabled child, a father a his only daughter killed on inpack. So many others in need that came to our group for comfort and prayer. Please don’t ever judge the outer apperance of anyone. We are all human and don’t always live up to or maybe we will never will live up to the Worlds Standards. But God Is The Only Judge and has the right to say whether or not we live up to his standards. I know you mean well and maybe this is your job to breakdown others. But its hard enough in life to try to live right speak right and most of all live up to God’s standards or righteousness. Give Pastor Troy a break he’s a Good Man Trying to Share God’s Love Forgiveness, Mercy and that we all have a second chance no matter where we have been and no matter what choices we have made in life….. Our church has given a women whose last family member committed suicide her brother in life that was her last surviving family member. Now we became her family it goes on and on please don’t judge those who are truly trying to make the world a better place………….There are so many others that have come to the group………….

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