Can you tolerate homosexuality in the church?

Homosexuality has sure come a long way, and these days it isn’t unusual to find a pastor giving a sermon on it to his church. The general consensus is that they should be able to live in love with whoever they want, and you’ll find many churches and “pastors” who not only support this but actively teach it to, and live it out in front of their congregations. But why have they taken aim at this particular sin and ignored many others?

It was brought up in a recent conversation between friends, that homosexuals are a different case because they have a genetic cause for their behaviour. Of course the discussion quickly turned, and even if you did believe there was some kind of science to support this claim, it is just trying to explain away their sin.

A popular comment was made about how homosexual behaviour was no different than any other kind of preference, including the love of chocolate. How naive.

In reality, let’s say you have a practising homosexual in your church. They aren’t repentant and have no desire to change. They want to continue to live in their sin, and they want to continue to attend your church. What do you do? Well, with 60% of evangelicals supporting this lifestyle, many churches would embrace them, overlook their sin, and should anyone speak out about it the church might undertake a program to help people shake off their fears and do everything they can to accommodate this brand of sinner. Soon they are attending church, openly displaying affection for their partner at services, and receiving the blessing of the church for doing so.

Now, let’s say a man in your church is given to anger. It is genuine – whether a learned behaviour, something from their environment or genetic. What is the response from the church. That’s easy. When the person shows a display of anger it makes others uncomfortable. Wind of the persons problem gets back to the pastor who works with others to plan an intervention at the home of the man’s family. They assure the man he can get better and begin a plan of counselling and prayer to help heal him of his affliction. After several unsuccessful attempts at becoming rehabilitated, the man shows he has no desire to calm his anger and in fact has embraced it as part of who he is. The church realizes they’ve done everything they can for him and eventually considers him to be not of the family of God nor a true Christian, and refuses to allow him to attend the church.

What a stark contrast to what we are seeing here today. Selective acceptance and the source of which come totally from outside influence. To the point that the church has no idea any further when they are being influenced by God, and when they are being influenced by Satan. They’ve lost discernment and good judgement.

This video clip of James White is sure to make you question just how acceptance of these sins has become so rampant. The only authority for such acceptance comes from within the individual or church itself. Which makes one wonder if those churches are already decieved and under some kind of judgement.

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  1. So very true. I’ve heard the argument about people being born as homosexuals so many times. However surely if this is the case then the argument can be extended to other sins. If someone is born with murderous tendancies then do they really deserve to be locked up behind bars if they commit murder? It all comes down to people moving away from Biblical authority and relying on what man says. Very sad that the church has fallen for it.
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