The light of this world obscures God’s light

I was working outside in the garage tonight about 10 PM when the power went out. It was after dark so it got really black outside. Being a star-watcher from way back, as soon as I realised there were no street lights, I went out in to the yard to watch the stars.

In this case, half the town had the power go out. That meant it was dark. Really dark. No streetlights, no house lights, even the casino lights that normally shine miles into the sky were off. The only thing I saw were the emergency lights on in the stairwells of the condos nearby, and the solar garden lights from my neighbours yards.

When I looked up I saw stars. Stars like I hadn’t seen in a long time. The milky way was plain and clear. There was no moon to dull their shine. Everything was just as God had intended it to be.

Now when I was younger I saw something to rival this event. The hydro plant went down on a starry night and took out power to every city in about a 300 km radius. That night was amazing. The stars were bright, there were no solar lights in those days so it was as dark as can be, and being younger, my eyesight was better.

The fear of the Lord

But tonight was no minor event. I stood out in the yard with my arms wide out and I marvelled at how large the Creator must be. And I was a little afraid. I was in wonder, in amazement, but I was trembling. I shook. I couldn’t help but be awestruck that someone could make those tons of stars that I could now so plainly see, but at the same time how could I not be a little fearful of someone so powerful. What is man that you are mindful of us?

The Revelation

It wasn’t until I was inside that the thought came to my mind, and the point that I would like to clearly make.  The light of God’s glory is obscured by the light of this world. Why is it that we can’t see the stars clearly on most nights?  If you are a city dweller like me, it is because the lights of the street are strong enough to block out all but the brightest stars.  Even if you live in the country, you probably aren’t far enough from the city to be away from the light pollution it throws off.  Maybe you or your neighbour has a yard light that blocks your view.

Whatever the case, it is the light in this world that blocks us from seeing the glory of God’s creation.  It is the daily distractions, the routine that keep us blinded.  To have the childlike kind of perception and faith that notices the things that we take for granted.  To be able to see the things we ignore because they are somewhere between the point A that we are at and the point B where we wish to be.  To be able to see the glory of God because it is His glory, and to ignore the light we create to falsely illuminate our path, if only through this world.  The light that really only obscures the light of God.

Back in this world

Having been back in the light of this world for only a little bit of time, I was already wishing I was fully illuminated in the light of God.  The light that we read about in Revelation 21:

23 The city does not need the sun or the moon to shine on it, for the glory of God gives it light, and the Lamb is its lamp. 24 The nations will walk by its light, and the kings of the earth will bring their splendor into it. 25 On no day will its gates ever be shut, for there will be no night there.

To have been able to share my experience tonight with my children, or with you.  That you would be able to see a little bit more of God’s own light.

Oh well…until that glorious day when together we both understand the light in Revelation 21.

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One Response to The light of this world obscures God’s light

  1. Rich says:

    There is so much to distract men and women from the truth today, but the bible teaches us they will remain blind until they rebel against the God of this world who has blinded the minds of those who believe not.

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